Buying & selling domains

In the previous part of this guide we saw how to buy a domain (for a price of 0) from the platform. But we can also buy from someone who has put their domain up for sale.

To see what is up for sale:

> ./axe hra sales -n

hra domains for sale!

 Domain     | Address        | Price | VDAxNmM1OGV... | 5

Buying a domain is exactly the same as in the first part of this guide except you must specify the price correctly:

> ./axe hra buy -w testnet-wallet-1.json -n -f 0.001 --price=5

Follow the same procedure of checking the transaction.

Selling a domain is also easy:

> ./axe hra sell -w testnet-wallet-1.json -n -f 0.0001 --price=8

and if you change your mind before someone else buys it you can cancel the sell:

> /axe hra cancel -w testnet-wallet-1.json -n -f 0.0001

Remember to pay the correct fees when doing all these transactions.

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