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Follow the directions below to install Axentro from source:
  1. 2.
    Clone the Axentro repository from Github
    git clone
  2. 3.
    Install dependencies
    shards install
  3. 4.
    Build the binaries:
    shards build --release --no-debug
  4. 5.
    Install the binaries on your path (might need to use sudo):
    mkdir -p /usr/local/bin/axentro
    cp bin/axe /usr/local/bin/axentro
    cp bin/axen /usr/local/bin/axentro
    cp bin/axem /usr/local/bin/axentro
  5. 6.
    You invoke the CLI binaries in your terminal by typing:
    axe - The command line blockchain client
    axem - The command line miner
    axen - The blockchain node