Human Readable Addresses

HRA or Human Readable Addresses are a built in service that allows you to choose a human readable name that maps to your wallet address.

So instead of long and hard to remember address string that looks like this:


You can have a nice easy to remember name of your choice - something like this:

In HRA the name is called a domain and you can map as many as you like to an address. When choosing a name you just have to follow these simple rules:

  1. The name must be alphanumeric (numbers and letters only)

  2. The minimum length is 1 and the maximum length is 20

  3. It must end in .ax

Obviously if the name is already taken you won't be able to register it. Registering names is free but as it's a transaction there is still a fee (currently 0.001 AXNT)

You can choose to sell a domain or buy one from the list of domains up for sale. You can cancel a sell order if nobody has bought it yet.

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